Monday, 4 May 2009

A letter to parliament


I am writing to urge you to take rigorous, and if necessary unpopular, action to respond to the challenge of Climate Change.

As a nation we must reduce our consumption of, and dependence upon, carbon. I do not believe that Carbon Capture is a tenable option because it simply signals business as usual.

I believe that the challenges of Climate Change move far beyond partisan politics and I would urge consensual action.

In practical terms I suggest

[a] 2010 reducing national speed limits … built up areas to 20mph

… A roads to 50 mph

… Dual carriage / Motor Ways 60mph

2011 reducing Dual carriage / Motor Ways to 50mph

[b] Identification of wave power as the Scottish bench mark

[c] Encouragement of locally produced food and a return to seasonality in food

[d] Introduction of a 2p in the pound Climate Change levy with all funds being reinvested in public transport infrastructure

[e] Serious engagement with secondary school pupils to foster a climate aware ethos among young people – and to give these youngsters a real say in the future of their Scotland

[f] An assessment of the implications of sea level rise for homes, businesses and transport infrastructure.

[g] Government sponsored advertisements drawing attention to the issues of Climate Change

[h] An assessment of fishing, farming and general environmental management to promote sustainability

It seems to me that the first two decades of the 21st Century will be the defining years as far as the nature of the final two decades of the 21st Century and beyond are concerned.

More than any other group, Politicians will be judged by their efforts to tackle Climate Change.

Will you lead us to a point where the following will be our epitaph

When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,

For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today

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