Thursday, 30 April 2009

Holiday Over

Hey I have had a new lease of life - a link to the Eco Congregation Blog - Thank you Victoria!!!

So - where are we now? What has happened in the last 6 weeks or so???

UK Budget that is borrowing more and more - I suppose that is in keeping with how we are treating the planet. We simply borrow more and more of creation. The trouble is we are creating a debt that will simply be unpayable and will be borne by the next two or three generations. After that life will be so radically different.

In the USA commentators seem to agree that President Obama is acting faster than any previous President in his efforts to address Climate Change. Maybe he is just looking at his daughters and realising just how much his actions will affect their futures.

Tesco Supermarkets will display the Carbon Footprint of Toilet Paper. Apparently 200 sheets of toilet paper = one carton of orange juice as far as carbon footprints are concerned. Well now you know - but will it make any difference?


Facing rising sea levels, extreme weather patterns, and lower crop yields, countries in Southeast Asia are slowly waking up to the impact of climate change. Coastal towns in Vietnam are strengthening their sea walls. Communities in Thailand are replanting degraded mangroves. Forest practices are being overhauled in the Philippines. But economists warn that these reactive efforts don't go far enough to tackle the threat to agrarian-based economies, which face potentially huge losses from failed crops and disaster relief. Far better to invest now, they argue, in adapting to more volatile weather before the full impact crashes through the region.

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