Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Press Release

Yesterday, the Rev Malcolm Rooney spoke to some of the Congregations of the Glens and Kirriemuir Old about MPs allowances on the one hand and the current Church debate about homosexuality on the other.

Calling for a radical revision of the MPs allowances system, Mr Rooney said that two decades, and more, of the quite appalling way MPs spoke about each other on the media had resulted in the erosion of their standing. They were now getting the comeuppance they deserved.

Mr Rooney also said that for the record he hoped that the Rev Scott Rennie would be allowed to move to Aberdeen without delay.

Mr Rooney said that stable and loving relationships can be physical, but they can also be deep friendships to the level of soul friendships.

He recognizes that others may think differently and he respected their views and the integrity with which they are formed. However he was concerned about what would happen is Scott looses.

Would there be a move against the ordination of women ministers and elders on the grounds that such ordination was not Biblical? Would he be forced to preach that the world was made in 6 days, because the Bible says so?

Will all ministers need to sign a contract that says that they believe in the Virgin Birth, Original Sin, Hell, Bodily Resurrection and so on?

Mr Rooney asked his members to wonder what Jesus would say or do. He suggested that Jesus would be more concerned with the big issues of the day.

Whether or not ministers who state they are homosexual by orientation, but about whom there is absolutely no tangible evidence regarding their sexual practices, should or should not be allowed to serve God, may be important to some.

However Climate Change and human caused Environmental Degradation, Refugees and issues caused by Human Migration, Poverty and being able to live in peace, one with another all seemed far more important.

These are the issues that should be preoccupying the Church of Scotland. Mr Rooney wondered why there were no petitions about these issues.

When asked about the reaction of his congregation to what he said, Mr Rooney said he was overwhelmed by support for his views and for the Rev Scott Rennie.

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