Monday, 11 May 2009

Climate Change and the Scottish Parliament

As I listened to the Scottish Parliament debate the Climate Change Bill, first reading, I had a picture in mind.

Imagine if you will, the bridge of the Titanic.

The Captain is aware that there are icebergs ahead and so he has a discussion with his senior staff … we should alter course … yes, but when and by how many degrees … well, let’s think about it and ask for opinions and then make a decision - CRASH!!!!

You see, I think I heard every party agree that

[a] we are heading for the proverbial iceberg

[b] we do need to take action

[c] we will decide within 12 months what action to take,

Quite frankly I do not think that that is good enough. We need action now, because even now is probably becoming too late as far as future degradation of quality of life is concerned.

I am sad to say that I conclude that the words of Burns apply to our MSPS because as far as Climate Change is concerned they are indeed

Wee, cowrin, tim'rous beasties

This is a time for real leadership with no eyes on the ballot boxes!

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