Friday, 20 February 2009

Is it all a load of PANTS???

Sometimes I find myself at a loss in knowing exactly how to respond to Climate Change and what to do or say about it. Maybe it is indeed easiest to bury one’s head in the sand – and sand will be a very common commodity in decades to come. But then I think stuff it and get re-enthused and start off a fresh in my campaign to encourage people to KNOW <> CARE <> ACT.

I had two encouraging e mails recently both saying that folks enjoyed reading the climate change blog and the associated press articles.

I also received one e mail that exposed pants! Did you know that
• there is 18kg of CO2 in a pair of cotton pants
• $2 billion is spent on pesticides for cotton
• less than 1p is actually paid to the cotton grower per pairs of knickers
• 20,000 litres of water is required for 1kg of cotton [that’s partly why the Aral sea dried up]

Have a look at the video about PANTS

This past week Cadburys Chocolate has been in the news with dairy herds being accused of belching 60% of the CO2 in a bar of chocolate

Supermarket packaging was under attack

And the following link is worth looking at and reflecting upon

And all the while the Arctic continues to melt in a manner which nobody really seems able to understand or predict.

SO ………… what have you done this week that might delay catastrophic Climate Change by even one hour???



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