Monday, 16 February 2009

Knowing <> Caring <> Acting

The Second Week [and a day] in February 2009

What’s in the Climate Change window? A summary …….. Click the links if you want to read more.

Sunday 8th

[1] Gordon Brown is not green enough says the chair of the UK Environment Agency as he warns that Government policy will leave us lagging behind the rest of the world

[2] We are urged not to waste food and to conserve every scrap

[3] James Dyson, the Hoover man, wants us to promote engineering as a career and to focus on environmentally friendly schemes

[4] President Obama has become to undo some of the Bush Governments anti climate change actions

Monday 9th

[5] UK homes are to be offered a green make over …. well an eco refit

[6] Scientists from across the glove are to meet to warn politicians that they are too timid as far as climate change is concerned

Tuesday 10th

[7] The Northern Ireland Environment Minister, who is a climate change sceptic caused outrage, but kept his job, after he banned a UK Government add about Climate Change

[8] The Government and Environmentalists are at loggerheads over plans to create a tidal power generator on the River Severn. It will destroy the mud flats, but then will rising sea levels not do that anyway

[9] The apocalyptic Australian Bush Fires are a wake up call both for the nation and global community because they indicate just what will happen when temperatures rise and rainfalls move elsewhere – but then Australia refused to ratify Kyoto on the one hand and cause appalling pollution on the other … read Fred Pearce’s Confessions of an Eco Sinner

The effect of the fires re CO2 is also highlighted on Saturday 14th

[10] In recent years Spain has built a huge number of wind farms and in recent days has had a huge surge in clean electricity due to very strong winds. The technology is there – we just need the will

[11] The Scottish Government claims to have the most ambitious Climate Change legislation in the world – so why is it about to build another Coal Fired Power Station? Can the money not be invested in tidal power???

[12] A British firm has developed a removal truck that runs on battery power and will cover up to 150 miles on one charge and takes 45 mins to be 75% recharged. Interested in green motoring, then Google … What Green Car …

Thursday 12th

[13] Sir David King brands the Second Iraq War, the first resource war

[14] There is a call for £277 billion pounds to create clean power, insulate homes and create jobs. Well there goes a couple of bankers bonuses!!!

[15] The Met office are concerned that there should be a balanced debate about Climate Change and are worried about sensationalism

[16] Relationships between the USA and China took a step in the right direction as far as tackling Climate Change is concerned

This was also addressed on Saturday

[17] B&Q have built a new store that harvests green technology

[18] The potential to carbon neutralise ordinary homes is revealed and we are encouraged to visit for more information

Saturday 14th

[19] There is a call for environmentalism to become part of mature political debate

[20] The complications of water consumption are under the spotlight, especially where the water has to be pumped electrically. People are urged to save water!

[21] Looking ahead a number of decades extreme concern has been expressed about the effects of rising sea levels on transportation and communication routes – many of which will be submerged. Action must be taken now to plan for such an eventuality argues the Institute of Mechanical Engineers

Sunday 15th

[22] Did you hear about the Irishman who said that Climate Change was NOT man made and that publicity about it was “New Labour Propaganda”? Oh well ………

[23] On coal, coal and more coal …………

Monday 16th

[24] There is very real concern that rising temperatures and drought will dry out tropical forests and leave them vulnerable to fires similar to the one that has caused such damage in Australia

[25] Global Warming is warming the oceans and causing dramatic changes in the distribution and diversity of food sources for animals higher up the food chain … just watch a polar bear trying to catch seals in the ice free Arctic

[26] And just because it is cold does not mean that Climate Change has gone away …. ask the Australians!!!!

And there you have a taste of what is in the media in the past week about Climate Change.

Do you KNOW …. Do you CARE …. Will you ACT?

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