Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The week ending 24 Jan

Those of you who subscribe to Climate Change alerts will know that they come in think and fast.

In the past few days there have been warnings that most of the planet’s Glaciers will disappear by the middle of the century and quite apart from all the other implications of their disappearance, the key issue will be for all who rely on them as sources of drinking water.

The implications of the lack of water can only mean climate change refuges as people migrate [millions of people – maybe even billions] in search of water. South America and the countries [India and China] dependent on the Himalaya glaciers being most badly affected.

There are growing concerns about energy security which all add up to one central theme – energy independence and the need for our governments [Scottish and British] to set politics aside and act now.

Tony Blair is urging government leaders not to let the current economic crisis divert from Climate Change initiatives.

Hi tec detector vans are checking on the thermal efficiency of houses.

The world watches and waits as President Obama begins to paint America green. In early statements he has announced measures at curtailing America’s greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the US consumption of imported oil – pity about imported, should be oil, full stop!!!

The UK government believes that off shore wind power could meet the total UK electricity need by 2020.

Former London mayor, Ken Livinsgtone, has attacked the Labour Government record on Climate Change and in particular the third runway at Heathrow. Maybe it is time to do the unthinkable and vote Tory!!!

There are warnings that Climate Change may be irreversible, but maybe we can mitigate the effects???

There is concern that Emperor Penguins are heading towards extinction – just them???

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