Tuesday, 13 January 2009


I had a look at today's Guardian web site's section on the environment.

The top story is all about the proposed third runway at Heathrow which I think might not open until 2020. The world is going to change an awful lot before then!!!

Home Turbines are under attack as hopelessly inefficient if in the wrong place. They can recoup energy production costs after 2 years if in the right place or up to 40 years if in the wrong position. In other words they need wind to work!!!

In Spain travellers are turning to the railway instead of flying.

The whole issue of the earth in balance has been illustrated by errant attempts at wildlife management on the sub Antarctic island of Macquarie. Way back cats were introduced to kill rats and mice who were destroying the native bird population. When the rats and mice went the cats turned to rabbits and when the rabbits went the cats turned to birds!!! The cats were killed [the last in 2000] and the rabbits came back in abundance and recently their burrowing caused a landslide that killed a large penguin breeding colony. There are now plans to kill all the rabbits and all the rats and mice that have returned post feline rule.

Finally there is a long tirade against Aga cookers that is generating much heat!!!

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