Sunday, 11 January 2009

The view from January 2009

Providing a succinct overview of the progress of, and response to, Climate Change is very difficult. The great unwashed remain stoically ignorant or apathetic ... wait until the water runs out or pours and pours!

The trouble with Climate Change is that it is a creeping condition ... well maybe now crawling!

However if you think back even two years, there is now much greater lip service being paid to it by politicians and the media and in some cases [George Monbiot for example - go the Guardian Website and watch his interview with the head of Shell] real campaigning action. Indeed maybe even our own Scottish Government should be praised for their stewardship of the Climate Change Scotland Bill through the shining alley ways of the Scottish Parliament. Of course the test will be when fine rhetoric and great ideals actually have to hit the road and become policies that demand action.

And of course scientists who know are now united in their cries of concern.

Whatever, my view is that more and more and more is appearing in print, on TV and on Computers about Climate Change and hopefully with the uinuguration of President Elect Barack Obama in a few days time a very real sea change in global political attitudes.

Sea change ... wouldn't it be great to see some real change.

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Anonymous said...

My biggest concern recently has been that the economic crises affecting all nations would overshadow the need to get to grips with climate change. However, there are encouraging signs that Obama intends to target aid to move towards a lower carbon economy. Sadly, there have been fewer signs of this in the UK that I have noticed. What about others?