Sunday, 29 January 2012

The end of January 2012. News Round up!!!

Top Stories

Louisiana scientists working on plan to save coastline, fight global warming. A team of Louisiana scientists is laying the groundwork for creating a new carbon storage industry that could both reduce the effects of global warming and rebuild wetlands along the state’s coastline. New Orleans Times-Picayune

US seems to have largely escaped winter. A combination of factors has trapped winter's cold air over Canada and Alaska, making for unseasonably warm weather in the Lower 48. La NiƱa has helped keep the jet stream on a west-to-east path over Canada, preventing cold Arctic air from dipping into the states. Los Angeles Times

Hotter summers 'may kill 5,900 every year', warns first national risk assessment of climate change. Britain’s first national risk assessment of climate change has warned there will be major increases in flooding, heatwaves and water shortages that could kill thousands of people a year. London Daily Mail

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EU energy policy may bring 500,000 jobs. The European Union may pass a triple-whammy environment policy in the first half of this year that would bring a rapid jobs boost, cut energy bills and improve the environment by one simple measure: keeping Europe's buildings in good repair. Reuters

Edano wants households to lend their roofs to solar drive. A program to allow companies to install solar panels on the roofs of private homes will be introduced by the government before the onset of summer, industry ministery Yukio Edano said. Asahi Shimbun

Boulder council to consider climate goals, carbon tax. Whether the city of Boulder should revamp its approach to addressing climate change – including whether to extend an expiring tax to pay for related programs – is among the questions facing the Boulder City Council this week. Boulder Daily Camera

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Gardeners in a new zone. The pulse of gardeners already has quickened with the lengthening days and arrival of seed catalogs. But now hearts are skipping beats. That's because the US Department of Agriculture has updated, for the first time in 22 years, its map of where different plants can be expected to survive the winter. Omaha World-Herald

On the calendar, winter. In the garden, spring. Nancy Sakaduski's homegrown daffodils are already spreading cheer from a vase on her kitchen table, which would be dandy - and not unusual - if it were spring. Philadelphia Inquirer

Risks of floods from glacial lakes highlighted. Natural scientists and environmentalists here on Saturday said that communities' involvement could mitigate the negative effects of glacial lake outburst floods in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's higher regions, preventing loss of lives and properties. Karachi Herald

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City cuts its greenhouse gas emissions. The City of North Vancouver's efforts to grapple with climate change are starting to pay off, achieving an 11% drop in emissions. Vancouver North Shore News

GOP wants Sen. Baucus to go rogue on Keystone XL oil sands pipeline. Republicans are pressing Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) to buck his leadership and use his authority in the payroll tax conference to green-light the Keystone oil sands pipeline. The Hill

Coal export terminal opposed in Bellingham, WA. With a musical kickoff from bandZandt singing "No Coal Trains," local activists launched their "Coal-Free Bellingham" campaign for a citizen initiative to outlaw coal trains through a city ordinance. Bellingham Herald

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Dedicated to innovation. The seeds of COP17 have started bearing some fruit as many South African companies appear to be responding well to the call for greening the environment and saving energy. Pretoria Sunday World

Carbon tax 'alarmism' doesn't fit facts, scientists warn. Scientists from around the world, including the former head of Australia's National Climate Centre, are calling for calm on global warming, saying alarmist rhetoric is not backed by evidence and is being used to increase taxes. Sydney Australian

Melanesian Spearhead Group talks climate change. The Melanesian Spearhead Group has successfully completed a three-day ministerial meeting on climate change and environment issues. Fiji Times

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