Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A taste of what is in the Press

This week, after nine years of leading the Sustainable Development Commission, Jonathan Porritt left his post. So what now for Green party member and Treasury antagonist who was brought into government as a 'critical friend'?
* John Vidal
* The Guardian, Saturday 25 July 2009

Vestas dispute: Red and green coalition forms to fight wind plant closure
* Terry Macalister
* guardian.co.uk, Thursday 23 July 2009 20.32 BST

Who's behind the plan to pave Central Park and build an airport?
Is the hoax campaign to concrete over NYC's favourite green space and build an airport a satire on incompetent transport policy or another product viral? Watch this space
Posted by Leo Hickman Friday 24 July 2009 11.21 BST

Nature will never be spent if we act to save our countryside
An integrated world view sees the value in the natural world beyond its aesthetic beauty - it also has an economic value as a carbon store
* Nick Herbert
* guardian.co.uk, Friday 24 July 2009 14.39 BST

Bruce Parry: Your planet needs your film-making talents
'Anyone can deliver a short but powerful message to the world about the most important issue of the day,' says the Tribe presenter
* Bruce Parry
* guardian.co.uk, Friday 24 July 2009 07.00 BST

One minute to save the world competition
Have something to say about saving the environment? Then why not enter our One minute to save the world short film competition
* guardian.co.uk, Friday 24 July 2009 07.00 BST

Small-scale irrigation schemes are key to food security in Uganda
Irrigation seems to have been left off the agenda when it comes to discussing food security in Uganda. It needs to be added now, argues Richard M Kavuma
Posted by Richard M Kavuma Friday 24 July 2009 11.55 BST guardian.co.uk

Send a message to Copenhagen
Got something to say to those deciding the world's fate? Get your voice heard by sharing your message with our Flickr group, A Message to Copenhagen and we'll feature the best here
Posted by Adam Vaughan Wednesday 22 July 2009 13.17 BST guardian.co.uk

Meet Belcha - Europe's biggest carbon polluter (and it's about to get even bigger)
Polish facility pumps out 30m tonnes of CO2 a year
Activists say giant plants undermine climate fight
* Terry Macalister
* guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 22 July 2009 21.52 BST

Greenwash: easyJet's carbon claims written on the wind
EasyJet says its flights have a smaller carbon footprint than a Toyota Prius hybrid car. Let's do the maths:
* Fred Pearce
* guardian.co.uk, Thursday 23 July 2009 08.00 BST

Why Vestas closed Isle of Wight plant
* Letters, The Guardian, Friday 24 July 2009
Ed Miliband MP, Secretary of state for energy and climate change

A force of nature: our influential Anthropocene period
What humanity does has important consequences, so we must manage our global life-support system
o Simon Lewis
o guardian.co.uk, Thursday 23 July 2009 20.00 BST

Climate insurance: what kind of deal can be made in Copenhagen?
One key challenge on the climate change agenda is a fairer system to protect the world's poorest farmers from failing crops and extreme weather variations. From Climate Feedback part of Guardian Environment Network
* From Climate Feedback part of Guardian Environment Network
* guardian.co.uk, Thursday 23 July 2009 11.32 BST

Outer-city, out of mind?
Ecotowns are all well and good, but we ignore the problem of suburban England at our peril
Peter Hetherington Posted by Peter Hetherington
Thursday 23 July 2009 10.59 BST guardian.co.uk

Great Western train line to be electrified
Electrification will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and will mean faster and more reliable services for millions of passengers
* Dan Milmo, transport correspondent
* guardian.co.uk, Thursday 23 July 2009 08.29 BST

Police at Kingsnorth: hiding badges, searching kids, blasting music and suffering bee stings
Catalogue of complaints over tactics used against both protesters and media
* Paul Lewis
* guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 22 July 2009 18.15 BST

LEDs and efficient TVs point the way towards my dream green home
It's the final push to bring our 1920s house into a modern, low-carbon age – this week, we focus on the last few touches - appliances and rare light bulbs
Posted by Andy Phipps Wednesday 22 July 2009 17.25 BST guardian.co.uk

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